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The people in the video are trained professionals.
Do not attempt at home without proper supervision and training.

Looking for a trampoline with great bounce, quality and sustainabilty?

With a winning combination of performance, style and build quality, North trampoline bring health and joy to trampoline users around the world.

Our Research and Development team work tirelessly to boost your trampolining happiness!

With an extensive range of trampoline shapes and sizes we are sure to have a good fit for your family and garden. A Rectangular trampoline or Oval trampoline has multiple jump areas and can suit larger families or older kids, and a round trampoline has unbeatable central bounce, call us to speak our helpful team to choose the right size and shape for your family.

Round, Oval or Rectangle?

A round trampoline is the classic, you get the optimum bounce on the centre of the trampoline and we love them! Check out our Explorer Round model, which comes in 10ft round, 12ft round and 14ft round and three colours to choose from.

Choose oval if you have a larger family as there is a more even bounce across the whole jump mat. Meaning you are less likely to be drawn to the centre. Oval trampolines are a great shape for longer thinner gardens as there is less wasted space around the trampoline.

Going for gold? Choose rectangle - the choice of professionals and gymnasts. Our large rectangular trampolines will give the best all over performance. Check out the Explorer Rectangular model and the ultimate in performance - Performer.


Safety is extremely important when we develop our products. Our trampolines are equipped with innovative safety systems and functions that put the jumper's safety first and protect the jumper from all hard parts of the trampoline, such as the springs and the frame..

A durable trampoline should last a long time, simple. By producing high-quality products and providing components and spare parts, we want to reduce wear and tear and contribute to a more sustainable future.