Generous Giving

Generous Giving

We have from the very start donated between 10 to 20% of our annual profit. The better the year the higher the percentage.  

We have given so that people can discover that they too are made for greatness, so many dreams have been realised over the years for example:  

  • Orphaned kids in Mozambique given the opportunity to go to school, learn to read and write and discover their own abilities and potential.
  • Young trafficking victims in India, set free from the brothels, given a home, love, school and learning skills, so that they can support themselves and build a new life.
  • Women in Bangladeshi villages given a goat, taught farming skills, to read and about hygiene and their rights. They get empowered and rise up and realise they can change the course of their lives and their families lives.
  • Schools for disabled kids in the UK given trampolines and fun events and installations provided by our UK team in their own free time.

Bangladeshi Project

When things are made because of love, it is not really work, it is life.  

Monetary donations 650 000 Euro