Why upgrade from a Pioneer to an Explorer?

Both excellent trampolines, but with a few key differences. Compare our two best-selling models


Whilst this is our entry model Pioneer is superior to the majority of trampolines you can buy and is built with all the quality craftmanship of every North Trampoline. However, many customers ask what is the difference between a Pioneer and an Explorer? The main answer is that the Explorer gives you more safety features, even better bounce and higher quality material throughout.


Here are the extra features you get with Explorer

  • 1. Stronger, longer springs for better bounce
  • 2. Adjustable bounce with included spring extenders
  • 3. Stronger and heavier frame
  • 4. Thicker and wider frame pad with even better UV protection
  • 5.Stronger rip-stop net
  • 6. Reinforced safety belt on net guides bouncers back to the safe jumping area
  • 7. Chunky zip between net and pads means zero gap for added safety
  • 8. Zippers connect jump mat and pads for 100% spring protection