Trampoline Buying Guide

Which trampoline shape is best for me? 

There are a few different aspects one should consider of when deciding between a round, oval or a rectangular trampoline.


A round shaped trampoline is a classic. The advantage of a round trampoline is the large surface to jump on and the fact that the flipper is drawn towards the center of the mat. This takes away the worry of colliding with the net for inexperienced flippers.


If you have a small garden or having a hard time trying to fit a trampoline in your backyard space, an oval shaped trampoline might do the deal. The oval shape also provides great bouncing abilities. If the flipper in question is drawn to somersaults or if you’re looking for the feeling of more space, an oval trampoline might be right for you.


This is the shape for athletes. The North Athlete and the North Performer Revolution are designed to cater to athletes and experienced flippers. Rectangular trampolines tend to provide a heavier kick-back. The North Athlete has no safety net and is not recommended for children.



How long does it take to set up a trampoline?

Depending on which model, the time to set up a new trampoline varies between two and two and a half hours, for two people. We provide a range of assembly videos on our Youtube-channel.



Why should I invest in a premium trampoline?

We want you to feel confident in knowing that you have a great looking trampoline that will last for many years to come:
Quality, performance and safety is key to when we develop, design and produce trampolines. The frame on a North Trampoline will always be sturdy, the safety net and padding will always be made in material that lasts and our springs are carefully tested and fitted to each and every trampoline in our range.
- All of our trampolines are CE-marked, and we meet all the legal requirements that are set. In addition, we let certified testing institutes test all of our trampolines to ensure they are of the highest quality possible.
You can learn more about how we work with our products under “About North”.



Where can one find replacement parts to North Trampoline?

We provide a range of different spare parts.



How do you deliver my order?

Your order will be delivered with a shipping company.


Can I undo my purchase?

Yes. You have a right of withdrawal of 30 days.



Where can I try your trampolines?

Unfortunately we do not have an exhibition of our trampolines right now.