Olle's Story

Olle's Story

My wife loved jumping on trampolines when she was a kid. Whilst not having the funds to buy one, I managed to convince a distributor that I would start selling their trampolines online and so supply a demo more or less for free.  

It was a hit for our family, and the neighborhood. The kids were on it constantly and they loved it. I had a friend create a website for me in a week and we sold our first trampoline one week later in May 2004.  

After selling 74 trampolines the first year I resigned from my job and decided to do this full time. 

Sitting in our cold Swedish basement in a sleeping bag that was strapped under my armpits and a hat on my head, I worked myself through the first years.  

I wanted to keep on helping people but in the form of a business instead. I really had no previous experience of companies having worked my entire life for non-profit organisations helping people.

However, I had built a family and applied the same principles to the company. Our family’s purpose is to help our kids, each other and people around to reach their full God-given potential. Money is a good servant but a poor master in both family and business life. So my primary goal was not just to make money, rather to help release the greatness lying dormant in so many people.  

Olles Story

Some years later having become the largest trampoline retailer in Scandinavia I had some ideas how the trampoline could be made better and importantly safer. When no one pursued my ideas, I decided to launch my own range. The new features were just too precious to go wasted, it would keep kids world-wide safer. In 2013 the first North trampoline was born and brought to the market.  

In 2020 Capital Play Limited (a trampoline company), UK was bought, who I saw lived very much by the same standard and ethics.  

We have grown to be one of the biggest quality trampoline brands with over 50 000 North trampolines sold across the globe, but we rather count the smiles, laughter, connections, and memories they have helped create.  

It is not about the trampoline, but you and that you are made for greatness!