Accessories – how to bedazzle a North Trampoline

For many people, a North Trampoline is fun enough – what can be more fun than a safe and premium Trampoline? In this category we do not sell accessories that are required to have a great jumping experience. However, we offer fun and safe solutions to make the experience funnier and even more secure.

North Trampoline is Safety and Quality

A North Trampoline always come with a Safety net. Even our lowered trampoline, the so-called low models, have Safety net’s according to current praxis and regulations. In earlier years, when there were no rules concerning Safety nets the majority of trampoline related injuries were concentrated to children falling over the edge of the trampoline. Today when, most but not all, trampolines have Safety net the injuries tend to occur in and around the entry of the tramp. Small children get hurt when they try and climb down. North Trampoline have tried to prevent these kinds of injuries with our North Base.
North Base is a platform, secured to the trampoline, making the boarding and disembarking safer. The stairs lead the child up onto the trampoline and when one is done bouncing, one can slide down to safety. Fan and safe!

Active play with North JumpGames

Children does not tend to lack imagination. However, that does not mean accessories can’t brighten up an already sparkling day! North JumpGames comes of an advanced water proof activity tracker and a convenient wrist band and tracks number of jumps, jump height, airtime, degree of rotation, flips* and more. The activity tracker even capture your moves off line and sync automatically to your phone.

Rain, wind and dirt – a piece of cake for North Trampoline

A Trampoline from North Trampoline is designed to withstand all types of Nordic weather. However, an Anchor set during a windy autumn day can be a good idea. With four sturdy hooks, the North Trampoline stands firm and stays on the ground
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