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To Lower a Trampoline

A discreet way to meet the needs of the whole family

A lowered trampoline, more known as an in-ground, will be the icing on the cake in your backyard. Whether the trampoline has been purchased solely for exercise or as a play and training tool for children, the trampoline has something for most.

Lowered trampolines have grown in popularity in recent years. From just being seen in the most exclusive neighborhoods to be a natural feature throughout all of Scandinavia. A lowered trampoline will make it easy for everyone to climb on to and get down from. With a height of only 30 centimeters, it significantly reduces fall accidents.

Keep in mind;
The most important step when setting up the trampoline is the pit in the ground underneath. The function of the pit is partly to leave room for the person jumping, but also to provide an airflow to make the bounce softer. Therefore, it is important to always place the trampoline above the excavated pit.

Care = Sustainability
Trampolines from North Trampoline are constructed of materials that can handle the Nordic climate, but if you want the trampoline to last longer than expected, we strongly recommend that you remove the trampoline when jumping season is over.

We recommend all soft parts and springs to be stored inside during winter. The frame can easily be left outdoors. However, remember to cover the pit so that no children or small animals will fall down. That can be avoided by, for example, covering the pit with wooden boards. A tarpaulin protects the pit from collecting water.