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North Performer Revolution

The wait is finally over – let us introduce our biggest launch ever, North Performer Revolution is here.

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  • Performance springs - Made in Sweden
  • Performance mat - optimized bounce for advanced flipping
  • Rectangular shape
  • Patented security systems
  • Simple assembly









We thought we knew everything that needs to be known about trampolines. Then we reinvented bounce. This is the North Performer Revolution!

Performance springs - Made in Sweden

Together with one of the world’s best spring makers we have developed a completely new spring. We went directly for ultimate performance and have spared nothing to give you the best. The springs of the Performer Revolution is made of high-quality Swedish steel and can be extended to more than the double length compared to your average spring and still keep its superb rebound capabilities.


Performance mat

The Performance mat is woven with larger holes so that you can cut through the air and maximise bounce height.
The Performer Revolution comes with spring extenders so that you can adjust them to your own personal preference.

 North Performance Systems


New SPS as Standard

The new Silence Performance System, SPS, lifts the padding over and above the springs and maximises the energy you release with every jump. The SPS makes the jumping almost completely silent and the noise of padding flapping against the springs is totally gone. The sound of lower jumps and wasted energy is gone. That is standard on the Performer.




The Horizontal Protection System connects the Performance mat and the XT padding with sturdy zippers. The robust net will keep your feet and limbs from sliding down between the springs and out of harm’s way. Superfast to assemble and equally fast to take apart when the season is over.


Rectangular trampoline

The corners of the frame are cut-off which makes the trampoline feel smaller in your garden. The shape also makes the Performer Revolution’s frame stiffer than a square box shape. The corners of the trampoline have the largest support beams we have seen on the market.


Being safe is everything

The padding on the Performer Revolution is the thickest of all our trampolines. The padding is fitted to the frame with a new flexible fixing system that keeps the padding in position even better.

 North Safety Systems




Very good trampoline with good bounce perfect for me who does gymnastics myself. It is both good and safe, which makes it even better

Originally written in Swedish, translated by Google

Cecilia H


The guys are very happy with the trampoline and use it in all kinds of weather. It can withstand the loads it is exposed to and meets the soaring expectations that were. The order went well the invoice so we didn't get anything until we got it a cleaning fee.

Originally written in Norwegian, translated by Google

Nadia D


We are thrilled with the trampoline. The setup was easier, although it is larger than the old one. The kids love to jump on it. With questions and problems before the purchase, I had contact with very helpful and friendly staff.

Originally written in German, translated by Google

Cornelia B


We received the Performer Revolution from the former Bavarian master Daniel Millet from And it was and is a top recommendation. A sign that this trampoline is well received: Now the children of the entire neighborhood are romping around on that one and no longer on that of the neighbors - ... Apart from that, as an adult you also have a lot of fun on the device. The delivery came quickly and the set-up went well with a bit of concentration, but I lack comparisons and, unlike the instructions, the set-up also works on its own - my recommendation is, however, to set it up in pairs. The video on the construction was very helpful and well thought out by the manufacturer. Now we hope that the materials will last a long time and hopefully that good manufacturer support will be provided in the event of an incident. Conclusion: The trampoline confirms the well-known fact that real quality costs money and is not cheap. All the more gratifying if the price-performance ratio is right, as in this case. So rather once expensive than bought several times cheap

Originally written in German, translated by Google

Jörg P


A really sturdy trampoline with good tension but still soft. Feels really stable and safe. Some springs were taken in the delivery but they arrived quickly by mail. It was also easy to assemble because cloth edge protection and nets are put together with a zipper. Costs some but you get what you pay for.

Originally written in Swedish, translated by Google

Niklas B


Superb bounce on this one. The kids love it.

Originally written in Swedish, translated by Google



Unproblematic trade. Super service. You can jump high - higher than on other trampolines. Thus, training more complicated jumps. Great security due to mesh and dewy construction. Nice and big.

Originally written in Danish, translated by Google

Dorthe G


The trampoline springs particularly well and is extremely safe!

Originally written in German, translated by Google

Gerold W

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Performer Revolution
Model Performer Revolution
Length / width (m) 4,6 x 3,10
Jumping area (m2) 8,9
Height trampoline / safetynet (cm) 110 / 220
Weight (kg) 210
Numbers of springs 100
Frame Pad width / thickness (mm) 420 x 35
Toprail diameter / thickness (mm) 60 x 2,5
Leg diameter / thickness (mm) 60 x 2
Rec. maximum user weight (kg) 110
Tested up to (kg) 750+
Ladder included Yes
Box 1 size (cm , kg) 169 x 61 x 29 , 76
Box 2 size (cm , kg) 164 x 53 x 26 , 59
Box 3 size (cm , kg) 185 x 55 x 45 , 47
Box 4+5 size (cm , kg) 40 x 23 x 20 , 19
Box 6 size (cm , kg) 123 x 18 x 15 , 6
CE certified Yes
Test Certified TÜV

North Performer Revolution (PDF)

Assembly Video

Performer Revolution

Assembly video:

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